Ariel Bercovich. Architect, creative director, designer and, above all, photographer.


Son of a photographer and a school teacher, self-taught, the camera has been his lifelong companion, the eye through which his perception of reality is filtered and blended.


In his latest work, he focuses on photographing urban spaces, landscapes and architecture, though he also enjoys doing portraits and taking part in spontaneous collaborations in the world of theatre and communications.


His interdisciplinary background has culminated in a unique way of conceptualising space and a natural intuition for transmitting emotions. Ariel's work is characterized by a love for the details, a passion for capturing the essence of everything that moves him and a mastery of technical skills, which enable him to give each photograph an especially high-quality finish.


Born in Buenos Aires. Lives in Barcelona. Inspiration: the world.


“Working with Ariel is a treat; he has an innate ability for striking a balance between two seemingly antagonistic concepts: passion and perfection. Perhaps that is the way his mind works. In addition to his infinite creativity, responsible for an impulsive assimilation and invention of artistic experiences, he has natural analytical skills that steer and influence the project, interpret and structure it, without detracting one single bit from the magic of the original idea. Maybe that is why he has such a gift for transmitting, seducing, moving.”

Mar González Duran. Editor.

Fine art prints available under request.

Please contact info@arielbercovich.com for more information.

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